About Us

Hi! I'm Alex Meylink- a recording engineer and musician based in Milwaukee. After spending years playing in bands and recording in different studios around the country, I decided to begin learning how to record my music on my own. My fellow Stillwave engineer Erik and I set up a studio in the house we lived in and began learning the ins-and-outs of recording in our own space. I enrolled in the audio production program at MATC and began to hone my skills. After a few years of recording in our home, Erik and I created a separate studio space at Stillwave Studios and continued working with bands from around the area. Over the years, we've done a lot of work to improve the space and gear available.

My philosophy is that recording should be affordable, stress-free and fun. I've had enough terrible encounters with engineers who were expensive and unpleasant to know the negative impact this can have on a session. Whatever your budget, I promise to find a way to make your project work and make it enjoyable.

I specialize in tracking and mixing, and can also provide mastering services as well as session playing for your project (guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals).

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Hi there! My name is Erik Atwell and I am a professional audio engineer and the owner of Atwell Audio Productions. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media and a minor in Music. This is where I really started to get into audio production and audio engineering. I worked as an Audio Tech for the University Center on campus where I did sound for live bands, poets, and other various university events. I also worked at the audio production studio on campus where I recorded and edited spots for the college radio station (91.7 The Edge) and started recording bands and using Pro Tools.

 Almost all of my current audio work is done at our studio in Milwaukee called Stillwave Studios, which I share with Alex Meylink. We built the studio from the ground up ourselves and are currently booking bands for recording and working on mixing/mastering edits for other bands.

 I work at the Marquette University Law School as an Audio Visual technician.  I have also been a drummer and percussionist for the last 10 years and am fluent in genres ranging from Jazz to Ska to Metal and am available to play on your project upon request.

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